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Syrians refugees follow the rail line after crossing the Serbian-Hungarian border hoping to reach Austria's open corridor to western Europe.
The Staggering Scale of Germany's Syrian Refugee Project (9.12.15)
10,000 Icelanders Invite Syrian Refugees into Their Homes (9.9.15)
Traveling in Europe's River of Migrants (9.7.15)
United Nations Agencies 'Broke and Failing' in the Face of Eve-Growing Refugee Crisis (9.6.15)
Pope Francis Urges the Faithful to Take in Refugees (9.6.15)
Pope Francis' Encyclical Letter "On the Care of Our Home" (5.24.15)

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The Crack in Larsen C Ice Self Just Grew by 11 miles. A dramatic Break Could be Imminent (1.6.17)
Margaret Flowers: Release of Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Act Shows Victory for Corporate Rights (11.5.15)
How a Fossilized Forest in Arctic Norway Changed the Earth's Climate (11.22.15)
From Pol Pot to ISIS: U.S. Bombing Abroad Breeds Instability, Violence and War (11.20.15)
Munich Mayor says of Syrian Refugees, "I Don't Think About Numbers, Only Refugees' Safety" (9.6.15)
To End the Refuge Crisis, We Need More Than Grief. We Need to See We're Broken (9.5.15)
When You See that Drowned Syrian Boy, You Should See the United States' Shameful Failure (9.4.15)
Choking the Oceans with Plastic (8.25.14)

China Makes Inroads into Nepal, and Stanches Tibetan Influx (4.14.13)

Iranian Jews spurn cash lure to immigrate to Israel (7.12.12)

Occupation, not Culture, is Holding Palestinians Back (8.3.12)

For Syrian Rebels in Aleppo, Baking Bread is a Serious Task (8.3.12)

Reclaiming Their Forests and the Right to Feel Safe (8.2.12)

Annie Leonard: The Story of Change (7.17.12)

U. S. Effort Focuses on Syria & Iran over the Palestinians on Clinton's Israel visit (7.16.12)

Crushed Homes, Violent Killings: Why the Boycott Israel Movement is Pushing into the Mainstream (7.15.12)

International Pressure to Stop Israel's Blockade of Gaza (7.14.12)

David Korton: Rio+20 - A Defining Choice (6.15.12)

Gracie Lee Boggs: Lessons for Building Lively Local Economies (5.29.12)

Greta Berlin: Gaza's Ark Building Hope (5.17.12)

David Korton: A Plea for Rio+20 - Don't Commodify Nature (4.24.12)

David Korton: When Bankers Rule the World (3.29.12)

Ten Steps to a Sustainable Energy Future (9.22.08)

What is Terrorism? (9.17.08)


Land and Community in the
Upper Columbia River Bioregion
Read Pope Francis Encylical to People of the World (9.6.15)
Pope Francis Plea for Climate Action Revives Concept of "The Commons" to Rethink Economy & Society (1.16.15)
"Man has Slapped Nature in the Face": Pope Francis Urges Climate Action in Phillippines Visit (1.16.15)
Pope Francis Calls for Action on Climate Change & Capitalism on a Planet "Exploited by Human Greed" (12.31.14)
Prosecuting Guatemala's Dirty War: Rigoberta Menchú Hails Spanish Embassy Fire Verdict and Dictator's Trial (1.20.15)
A Massacre in Guatemala 35 Years Ago Finds Justice in Guatemalan Court: Nobel Laureate Rigoberta Menché on 1980 Fire that Killed Her Father (1.20.15)
Pope Francis
Rigoberta Menchú
Jeremy Scahill on Paris Attacks, the al-Qaeda Link & the Secret U.S. War in Yemen (1.20.15)
Jeremy Scahill
Uruguay's President José Mujica
José Mujica—World's "Poorest President" (1.18.15)
Kathy Kelly & Medea Benjamin
Peace Activists Encourage People to Join a Protest (1.12.15)
Kathy Kelley to Serve a 3 Month Sentence for Protesting Drones (1.22.15)
Oscar Romero
• Archbishop Oscar Romero Declared a Martyr for the Faith by Pope Francis— but Whose Faith? (2.4.15)
My Doubts about Archbishop Oscar Romero (2.4.15)
Archbishop Romero Being Prepared for Beatification by Pope (2.3.15)