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The PUD says there are only 3 people
opposed to electrifying Enloe dam.

Let's show them how wrong they are. If you are receiving this email and have already submitted your comments, thank you! Please forward this email to your friends. For those who have not, please send your comments in before April 17, 2017!

The Okanogan PUD (OPUD) has sought a contractor to design and build a new powerhouse on the left side (going down river) of the Similkameen River. OPUD would own and operate the new powerhouse on behalf of the ratepayers. They have failed to secure a way forward, mostly because the project is not profitable and no one wants to take a chance on it becoming profitable in the future.

For that reason, the OPUD has decided to pursue a Design-Build contract. This method will allow OPUD to award a contract to a single larger contractor that will design, build, operate and possibly own the new powerhouse.

OPUD has submitted an application to the Project Review Committee (PRC) of the Capital Projects Advisory Review Board (CPARB) for approval and permission to use Design-Build, as required by Washington State law.

The DON’T ELECTRIFY ENLOE Campaign is asking Okanogan County citizens to contact the PRC and tell them what you think of the idea of the ratepayers financing a new powerhouse, a powerhouse which ratepayers would not own, but would be responsible for the cost of the project. 

You don't have to be a ratepayer to voice your comments.

Okanogan PUD Commissioners are playing
fast and loose with ratepayer money.

The Okangogan PUD has spent $14.6 million dollars on a licence for Enloe Dam. The money has been spent on law firms and consultants. The PUD's attorneys in Washington D.C. earn $350/hour and millions of dollars have been spent on electrifying Enloe. The PUD law firm in the Puget Sound area charges $540/hr. A two-day hearing in Olympia challenging the PUD plan to dewater Similkameen Falls every summer cost the ratepayer $2,000,000 dollars in legal fees and expenses.

The environmental consultants on the Enloe Project have made millions as well. In just the year 2014, one consultant was paid $901,000 dollars.

Clearly, any further spending to electrify Enloe Dam is wasteful spending.  Enloe power is not needed, and ratepayers cannot afford to keep financing a losing proposition.  

Tell the PUD to stop wasting our money!

Don't believe the hype

Commissioner Vejraska compared Enloe Dam to removal of the Mill Town Dam on Sullivan Creek, a tributary of the Pend Orielle River. In that case, the mine tailings and sediments were highly toxic, causing multiple fish kills. A railroad had to be built to haul the 2.9 million yards of highly toxic sediments to a special disposal site. Two Dams were removed and extensive steam bank restoration was needed. The mining company responsible paid most of the $412 million dollars. It was not paid by the ratepayers.

Comparing the Mill Town Dam removal to Enloe Dam is unfair and misleading. There are no alarming toxic levels yet to be found in the sediments behind Enloe. Levels of arsenic and copper are elevated but not dangerous in the samples tested. A fully funded 114 sample study was blocked by Okanogan PUD. Why?

Let the PUD know you are not fooled.

We don't even need this power.

The power available to Okanogan County from Wells Dam beginning in September of 2018 is immense. 22% of Wells Dam is 170 MW. This is the equivalent of 34 Enloe Dams. This is more than double the 77 MW average load we use in the utility district today. Wells Dam and the Columbia are our real future power source.

Tell the PUD to stop wasting our money trying to electrify the Similkameen.

More ways to send in your comments

We have the power in our hands to save resources and ratepayer money. Don't let this opportunity slip by. Send your comments either by email/standard mail to the PRC prior to April 17, 2017.

Email your comments to:
Ms. Talia Baker 
Administrative Support 
Project Review Committee

Or send a postcard or letter with your comments to:

Ms. Talia Baker, Administrative Support, Project Review Committee, Dept. of Enterprise Services, POB 41476, Olympia WA 98504-1476

We need your help in getting out this information. Please forward this email to your contact list and share these comments with your Facebook, and Twitter friends.

Thank you for Standing Up for the ratepayers and taking the time to register your opinion regarding the electrification of Enloe Dam.

Copyright © 2017 Friends of Similkameen River, All rights reserved.

#DontElectrifyEnloe Campaign
Please share this page widely with your social networks and encourage people to send comments to the PRC (address above)
Read 2016 Rocky Mountain Econometrics Report on Economics of Enloe Dam Electrification



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